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God · I'd · hate · to · be · pillaged

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i was thinking of dead like me where they have to file the deaths by their last thoughs and i think mine will probably be something along the lines of
"are you fucking serious?"
before something completely random or ironic happens.
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does anyone else have days where you feel like everything in your life and everything about you is fake?
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today the sun shines out my ass.
just so you know.
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i want to hurt things.
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some days are just here to get us to the days that dont suck so much. i want to wash my car tomorrow.
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since im a horomonal negative nancy anyway, humor me.

can people be happy together for the long run?

or is there always something shitty lurking underneith the surface, or is one always looking for someone else, or is one always secretly longing for escape?

due to upcoming holidays, and a friend who wont let me stop thinking about certain topics, i have been kinda looking around at other peoples relationships and what i know from being an observer.

if nothing else, answer me to give me something to fucking think about.

* * *
i went to mews and left my debit card there, and then the mile, and got completely shitfaced, puked 3 times in the bathroom and once at the bar, annoyed the shit out of some friends via text message, went to perkins, ate 1/3 plate of hashbrowns and promptly fell asleep on codys shoulder.

when i woke up, i wanted the rest of my hashbrowns, which were long gone, and i slept on kyle and erinns couch the rest of the night and through the class i was supposed to take for my other job, so ill hafta take it next month.

i dont feel too bad today, just a little....fragile.

and i miss my wifey

* * *
i am sick of people being pissed off and taking it out on me. if you are mad or irritated at me, just say hey, you did this, and it pissed me off.
dont be all grr at me or be like, hey look at this, and accuse me of shit that all relative just becuase you wanna bitch about something.
im not gunna sit here and take peoples shit just becuase they feel like givin it.
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